Don't know if it same but i suceed too when i added
a second default route to the eth used by ipsec (but
the previous one was no used anymore).

The problem about the select() stage comes because
i have two DSL connection : one for multi-usage (Internet)
and one for the VPN traffic only. If i don't put the
VPN DSL in default, l2tpd nerver receive the packets
(btw, tcpdump saw theses ones !) and stall at the
select() stage. But i can't stay in this configuration
since everybody use the DSL dedicated for the VPN
for internet connection, it was not acceptable.

I break my brain since two days about this, try
source routing etc etc ... never succeed. For
keep a bit  of mental health i migrate to OpenVPN ;-).

I'm happy for you :)

Le ven 02/07/2004 à 07:40, Arya a écrit :
> New development:
> It would appear that the problem was indeed the internal routing table. 
> route add -net netmask dev ipsec0
> That fixed it :D
> *celebrates*

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