Le ven 02/07/2004 à 11:21, Jacco de Leeuw a écrit :
>  > When I read your reply, I almost wet myself. I added the printf statements
>  > to the source,
> >>(l2tpd: network.c / around line 327)
> >>printf("select\n");
> >>select (max + 1, &readfds, NULL, NULL, NULL);
> >>printf("select ok\n");
> I don't get it. This is normal behaviour, right? l2tpd waits for
> packets received on a socket.
Don't think it's a l2tpd bug (everybody use select() :). Perhaps its no
bug at all but i think there is one somewhere. I had really strange
behaviour ... Everything was configured to work but it don't ...
At this time i read a post of a guy which have strictly the same problem
than mine ... Really strange :-/

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