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> Le mercredi 12 octobre 2016, Adam Lackorzynski <a...@os.inf.tu-dresden.de
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> >
> > I do not see anything obviously wrong right away. I assume it passes the
> > while loop?
> >
> Yes, the while loop exits. In fact, I think uboot powers up core1. I saw
> some piece of code. So I asserted that core1 starts on tramp func and I saw
> that SCU was manipulated. But I don't understand what is done after.
> Perhaps it is not compatible with A7 and/or i.MX7 ?
> I've put a log into boot_ap_cpu() and it is not reached. Is there a way to
> test if something is wrong between tramp_mp_entry and boot_ap_cpu() ?

Ah, remove those few lines that flip that bit on the SCU. It's wrong
doing that on an A7. Or did you do that already?
In any case I'll get an i.MX7 in a few days so I can look myself if
still necessary.

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