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Subject: Fertile Ground -- African-Centered radio program
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 20:10:39 -0600

"Fertile Ground"
An African-Centered Talk radio program
Hosted by Maisha Sullivan-Ongoza on 1340-AM WHAT (Philadelphia, PA)

"Fertile Ground" is a popular talk program focusing on African American and
African diasporan culture, history, values, practices, communities and
struggles.  The host, Maisha Sullivan-Ongoza, is a longtime social activist,
educator, social worker and program administrator.  Maisha is well-respected
for her commitment to and knowledge of African history and culture.  She can
often be found in communities and organizations locally and nationally
teaching from an African-centered worldview.

The feedback to 1340-AM WHAT has been positive.  Maisha and her
knowledgeable guests engage the callers in lively reciprocal dialog.  She is
respectful, humorous and informative.  She welcomes calls, challenges and is
respectful of differences of opinions.

"Fertile Ground" airs for 2 hours each Sunday, 6 to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time).
The program's focus grew out of requests from listeners to the station
management.  Maisha was one of the names most often mentioned as a possible
host.  Ms. Sullivan-Ongoza shared that she views the program as a electronic

"As an educator, I develop lesson plans and invite guest instructors who are
African-centered scholars and or activists doing meaningful work.  The
program's discussions on past and present practices and issues are filtered
through an African-centered cultural lens and are a vehicle for those who
are unable to attend formal classes at universities or other venues, but
have an interest."

Maisha believes that African culture is "Fertile Ground" with the capacity
to meet all of our needs as people of African ancestry.

"The challenge is to respect and nurture the culture -- plant seeds, watch
the growth and protect the culture and its people from weeds, toxins and

Research has proven that people of African descent have retained more
culturally than first believed.  The retention is a testament that we are
still African by "nature" but Americans or Caribbeans by "nurture".  Our
challenge is to selectively choose those African practices and values that
represent the best of who we were and are as a people.  We must believe that
the ground is fertile and that once we plant the seeds -- even though, at
first, we don't see change -- we believe and know that something is
happening in the rich fertile ground.

"Fertile Ground" airs Sunday 6 to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time) on 1340 AM WHAT and
can also be heard at over the internet.

The studio number is (267) 285-1340 or 1-866-746-1340 (toll-free)

Maisha can be reached [EMAIL PROTECTED] or (215) 385-0214

1340 AM WHAT is an ICBC Broadcast Inc. holding.

LAAMN: Los Angeles Alternative Media Network
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