During the upcoming weeks we'll be performing kernel upgrades on the Labs virtualization hosts. The first host will be upgraded this Thursday at 18:00 UTC (11AM PDT).

In general, Tools users will be unaffected by this reboot. It will, however, include a reboot of tools-bastion-02, so active login sessions may be interrupted.

In addition to Tools instances, the following instances will also be rebooted:

citoidtest (services)
deployment-elastic08 (deployment-prep)
deployment-pdf01 (deployment-prep)
deployment-urldownloader (deployment-prep)
druid1 (analytics)
ee-flow-extra (editor-engagement)
elastic1 (analytics)
etcd01 (etcd)
etcd03 (etcd)
etherpad01 (etherpad)
huggle-d2 (huggle)
language-replag-slave (language)
maps-tiles2 (maps)
novaproxy-01 (project-proxy)
osmit-tre (osmit)
paws-base-01 (paws)
perf-testing (mobile)
precise (debdeploy)
puppet-mailman (puppet)
tools-bastion-02 (tools)
toolsbeta-exec-1209 (toolsbeta)
toolsbeta-vagrant3-scfc (toolsbeta)
wikidata-mobile (wikidata-dev)
wmt-exec (wmt)

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