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From: Siebrand Mazeland <>
Date: Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 12:52 PM
Subject: [Commons-l] CommonsDelinker needs maintainer(s)

Hi everyone,

For the past years, I and other CD maintainers have gotten less and less
time to operate CommonsDelinker. It is currently still one toolserver, and
should probably be moved to Wikimedia Labs. We currently have maintainers
in name, but in practice, there aren't any.

Code changes are not being done, the bot is still running from Subversion
code instead of Gerrit, and that's really something we'd like to change
given the importance of the bot.

We would happily accept new maintainers into our midst. I think you should
have (some) knowledge of Python and the Pywikibot framwork, as well have
understanding of Wikimedia Commons and it's rename and deletion

If you're an expert Python developer and bot operator, as well as a
Wikimedia Commons admin, you'll be the ideal candidate.

Please write us at delinker at toolserver dot org if you're interested in
the job.

If you're not interested in the job, please consider updating the delinker
code that's in the pywikibot-compat repo. We'll review patches.



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