On 18/09/16 21:06, Andrew Bogott wrote:
    Summary:  If you reset your 2fa credentials in the last 48 or so
hours, read on... anyone else, you're good!

    A very complicated series of mishaps (yet to be documented) resulted
in quite a few people's two-factor credentials being deleted on Friday.
We have backups, and Reedy has just restored the creds to the state
before the incident.

    This means that most people should notice no difference at all.  If,
on the other hand, you were unlucky enough to reset your credentials
during the critical window, you may be locked out.  If that happened,
please contact me on IRC or email me directly and we'll do a little
song-and-dance to get you re-reset and up and running again.

    Thanks, Reedy!



I have 2FA activated on my account 'hashar'. I can login wikitech just fine but https://horizon.wikimedia.org/ refuses to let me in :-(

Maybe Horizon needs a refresh as well or somehow my account 2FA is borked?

Antoine "hashar" Musso

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