Forwarding a note from wikitech-l about a manual schema change that is
needed to go along with the current master branch of CentralAuth. If
you run `vagrant git-update` and things stop working this may help you
get your wikis running again.

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 6:22 PM, Matthew Flaschen
<> wrote:
> If you use MediaWiki-Vagrant with CentralAuth, you may have noticed it
> stopped working.
> There was a recent schema change, and since CA does not use update.php, you
> have to do it manually (or destroy your box, but that will take a lot
> longer).
> If it's broken (huge red box and "Unknown column 'lu_local_id' in 'field
> list'")
> $ vagrant ssh
> $ mysql centralauth <
> /vagrant/mediawiki/extensions/CentralAuth/db_patches/patch-lu_local_id.sql
> (This could be done via Puppet, but that would require writing that and then
> checking at runtime whether these columns exist forever.)
> I hope that helps,
> Matt

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