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> The one example program makes only a vague reference to it (
> https://tools.wmflabs.org/oauth-hello-world/index.php?action=download),
> and the other (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/OAuth/For_Developers#PHP_
> demo_cli_client_with_RSA_keys) presupposes that I have preexisting
> libraries installed, for some reason.

In any case using RSA keys is going to want you to have some sort of
library installed to deal with using RSA keys, if not a library to handle
all the OAuth stuff itself.

The libraries needed for your second link are included in the OAuth
extension itself. The most relevant bit for your question here is the
method[1] which uses PHP's openssl extension to do the actual signing.[2]

 [2]: https://secure.php.net/openssl

> I just want to be able to authenticate the identity of users. Magnus
> Manske has said he doesn't want to maintain TUSC anymore, but I cannot
> figure out how to do this with the documentation provided.

Note that using RSA-SHA1 rather than HMAC-SHA1 is in no way required.

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