Dear Susan,
Yes, there is way too much to know about lace (and textiles, in  general).  
Since I've seen no Arachne responses to your inquiry about  "Chinese 
laces", please tell us more about what you wish to understand: the  
author/document/page(s) where you found the referenced subject.  I'll take  a 
look, and 
perhaps can find more recent books that can be of help to you  - in my private 
library of books still covered by copyrights.  Here is  a repeat of the 
direct access address for laces: 
Jeri Ames in Maine USA
Lace and Embroidery Resource Center  
In a message dated 9/12/2016 2:50:08 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:


There are references to "Chinese laces" that I do not understand but  
perhaps someone will enlighten or I will find the answer in subsequent issues.  
I'd like to think that Arachne will remain relevant because we support  it 
with questions & comments.  There is way too much to know & no  single lace 
maker is likely to be fluent in all forms of lace, just as a  linguist might 
know five languages rather than thirty.  That makes  Arachne a logical 
information hub for what we do.  It's a pearl of great  value.  Sincerely, 
Hottle USA 

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