I am a daily lurker, but don't get to post very often.


Jeri recently posted a link to the cs.arizona archives.  There are actually
quite a few archives out there.


To find books on most of these sites, in the search field use any of the
words: lace, lacemaking, lace making, pillow lace or bobbin lace. You can
also specify types of lace...i.e. Tonder.

Antique Pattern Library...
Their whole list is on this page. Not much lace, but a lot of other good

APL also has a Yahoo group with new postings all the time...

The Cornell University Hearth archive...
 <http://hearth.library.cornell.edu/> http://hearth.library.cornell.edu/

Handweaving.net archive...it may point you to books on the Cornell or
University of Arizona site, but there's also a bunch of other
books too. I like this site because a lot of the books that are in pieces on
the University of Arizona site can be found as one large file on this site.

University of Pennsylvania...this is another one that may point to the above
sites, but again, contains some that are within their own collection....



Project Gutenberg.A huge archive of books, though not very many lace books.
I like their html versions of the books.they include the illustrations.  To
download, right click on the "Read this book online: HTML" link.  In the
little window that pops up, click on "Save link as", and save it to your



Internet Archive.This site is the motherlode of downloadable books, videos,
picture and audio files.  The files are usually available in pdf, as well as
kindle and other e-reader formats.  Lots and lots of books on lace of all
kinds.  I just spent the last hour going through their new books.downloaded
about 20, including these gems.
https://archive.org/details/MAB.31962000793137Images_201305 and

Their main page is https://archive.org/



Plan on spending a few hours looking at these. They have an amazing amount
of books.



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