In the interview I had with Mme Bonniol, via internet, about her salt.lace I 
don’t ask how to clean or if she make pieces to wear in such way. Why all works 
I saw were pieces for „decorate“ not to wear. And that one couldn’t clean such 
works it’s clear looking at them. In my opinion these are works made for now 
not for eternity as lots of todays art works are. This is art not for use like 
a collar and so we must think about in an other way.
The only possibility to conserve them would be a showcase.
About the jewelry or bookmarks or pieces for decoration all of them must be 
starched to keep dust and such things away. You can’t clean them. Have a look 
at some of my works shown on Lorelei’s website than you understand whyLace 
works make for hanging on a wall are well protected in a frame but it needs 
also some caution to do so. This would be a longer writing to explain.

> In brief, this is done only to new laces by an artist whose first
> consideration is to make something that is not normal.  
That’s right.
> Is the  artist using
> materials other than linen, cotton, silk and wool?
Yes, she does but no clothes, as far as I know. 

> Does this French lace maker sell items to be worn? 
And it wouldn’t be possible such a piece is more thick than lace we are used. 
And the surface isn’t smooth.

> She gave me a small bobbin lace flower she made with colored  metallic
> threads, all of which appear to be  synthetics.  Very precious to me.  Ilske
Jeri, this piece too is starched you don’t need clean it if you use it 
Hope my explanation are helpful. If there are more questions don’t hesitate to 
ask me. 


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