Hello All!  To follow up for Jeri, these references are in the old issues of 
The Bulletin posted on Digital Archives.  Issue 1967-1968 pg7 a reference to 
Chinese bobbins in an archived letter from Teresa Pellegrini dated June 10, 
1938.  Page 12, archived letter from Pellegrini dated July 14, 1938 "The real 
Chinese & Japanese laces are very expensive".  This was a reply to a question 
about inexpensive laces in shops.  Issue 1971-1972 #1 pg9 This Chinese pattern 
63A was contributed by Mrs. Sweetland of Laurel, FL.  Issue 1971-1972 #2 pg 26 
Chinese pattern #44 contributed by Mrs. Sweetland.  Issue 1972-1973 #3 pg 61 
Chinese pattern 537 contributed by Mrs. Sweetland.  Same issue pg 77 Chinese 
pattern #28.  All of the patterns appear to be Torchon with no discernible 
Oriental influence.  So, how are they related to the Chinese & what are Chinese 
bobbins?  There are more citations in random following issues of The Bulletin. 
I was curious as to how the Chinese & lace were related. !
  BTW--this is not Chinese, but there is a lovely peacock in Issue 1971-1972 #3 
pg 71 if anyone is interested.  Sincerely, Susan Hottle USA 

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