I am curious if the salt stays on the lace or if it eventually falls off
or dissolves in the atmosphere.  It does make a special effect on the lace
pieces shown on the site.  Reminds me of when we used to soak our net
petticoats in sugar water to make them stiffer. (Showing my age)Janice
<The lace is made normally then immersed in sea water at the local salt
works.  It was Marie-Thérèse Bonniol who first thought up the technique -
Denise, of the site you mention, learnt it from her - and you can see the
various stages here: http://artetdentelle.free.fr and go to Dentelles
cristallisées dans le sel.  The rest of her work is worth looking at too -
I love her creations!

Sue from Montélimar>
 Janice Blair Murrieta, CA, www.jblace.com 

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