Yes the list has been quiet recently.  I get the digest version, and there
has been quite a gap since the last one.

With regard to the Lace Guilds Publications, -  Although we don't want the
list to be filled with the "Me too" type messages, it would be nice if one
person could mention when a UK Lace, IOLI Bulletin, or other regular
publication arrives in their letter box, - so the rest of us know to look
out for it.  3 (that I know of - including Me) were about 4 months late with
the Spring Bulletin, I must say the Guilds are Excellent in replacing
missing magazines, - promptly and without any hassle, - but sometimes we
don't realize we are one missing.
PostaL services are dismal these days, so we know we may have to wait a bit
longer - for those of us in far-flung places! - but we don't want to miss
out completely.

I understand the Summer IOLI Bulletin Will come out - but not sure when, -
the Autumn/Fall edition is about due too, now.  I understand the Editor is
ill, and I hope she has a full recovery.

Regards from Liz in Melbourne, Oz

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