Hello Arachnids,


As a few of you might know I've been working on a new ground generator in
spare time for more than a year. As I don't want to make perfection the
enemy of the good and before the screen casts get too outdated, It's getting
time to let you all know about it. 


It's an online application, so no need to install anything though tablets
let you enjoy only part of the fun, real web developers are welcome to jump
in on that aspect. The application allows you to design your own ground by
configuring matching pairs of thread and pair diagrams with variations of
the corresponding pricking. Some patterns may be quite common, many but not
all may have been published before somewhere but anyway you can give the
grounds your own twist, pun intended.


I tried to add enough explanations but don't hesitate to ask. Questions are
important to make me improve. Please go ahead, look and play around and note
that even the footer is part of it all.


Here is the link: https://d-bl.github.io/GroundForge/ 



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