Another solution is to go to look at past submissions which have been  kept 
for members of Arachne.  The leaders of the exchanges have urged  
participants to identify the original sources (designers), and they have (in  
years) also asked for prickings or instructions to put on the site  to 
accompany each item. 
I keep preaching to go to our archives.  In this case, you can narrow  the 
search by adding the name of Jenny Brandis to Christmas Card Exchange  and 
narrow the search from 400+ entries to 40+ entries.  (Jenny -  Australian - 
has worked very hard to bring all the submissions to us in  wonderful color, 
Janet - U.K. and Sallie U.S. have been organizing the exchanges  in recent 
years.  This is a happy example of the international nature of  Arachne.) 
Go to:  

Search:  Christmas Card Exchange, Jenny Brandis
Unfortunately, our server has never been re-programmed to put the  
correspondence in date order, but you will find Jenny's memos announcing the 
entries (by year) to the site she maintains.
Sorry, but there are many things to do after attending a  2-day Needlework 
Conference in Delaware sponsored by a major U.S.  museum.  **A member of 
Arachne found me in the crowded book  shop (where else?)!**  Drove, total, over 
500 miles yesterday, and the  same 3 days earlier on the crowded highways 
that run from Maine to Florida  along the Eastern seaboard.  
It's up to you to do the searching... or maybe our busy Jenny will  chime 
Jeri Ames in Maine USA
Lace and Embroidery Research Center

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