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> ??Winterthur does not have much of these laces in their collections (you can
> go to their collections online and do a search), although here is the piece I
> saw:
> http://museumcollection.winterthur.org/single-record.php?resultsperpage=60&vi
> ew=catalog&srchtype=advanced&hasImage=on&ObjObjectName=&CreOrigin=&Earliest=&
> Latest=&CreCreatorLocal_tab=&materialsearch=&ObjObjectID=&ObjCategory=&DesMat
> erial_tab=&DesTechnique_tab=&AccCreditLineLocal=&CreMarkSignature=&recid=2002
> .0001.001.120&srchfld=&srchtxt=bobbin+lace&id=56c9&rownum=1&version=100&src=r
> esults-imagelink-only#.WAOuojKZPBI
> The majority was bobbin lace, although the circular medallions were clearly
> needle lace. ??The large open areas with a very loose looking mesh - my guess
> is that those are threads from some early conservation work from some years
> ago. ??Those three areas are so odd looking, I'm guessing the mesh or the
> ground that was originally there just simply gone at some point and some sort
> of stabilizing something was created. ??The cataloguer in charge of this
> workshop and showing these items did know know much about this piece.

Do you mean the areas of plaited diamond mesh ground?  It looks like 
Valenciennes ground, but since this is a tape lace it's probably more
accurately a diamond filling stitch like they use in Russian lace.  The
part that looks sort of like this: 
http://pinbrowse.com/photo/554646510336083255 ?

I didn't see anything in the photos that looked like a restored area.

Happy lacing,
Amanda in Philly, PA

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