As Clare says, the Lace Guild has boxes and boxes of secondhand books donated
by those clearing out after the death of a loved one. We also see them in lace
groups. Most of us have already got the books we want, as well as ones we just

I've recently decided to save my relatives the task of disposing of my stuff
when the time comes, so I'm in the process of sorting out all of my craft
stuff and if it hasn't been used in the last two years, its time for it to go.
At least I might be able to get at things instead of having to dive into piles
to find what I want. It will also give my cat one less place to go mountain
climbing and and caving!

Because there's such a glut of lace books with the number of new lacemakers
dwindling, I give those I've grown out of to charity shops in the hope that
someone who hasn't thought of trying it will come across one and decide to
give it a go. Maybe they'll get hooked. If just one person starts to make lace
because of a book they found in a charity shop, that's one more person to keep
it alive.

Jean Nathan in Poole, Dorset, UK

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