Dear Arachnes,

I have been catching up on my listening while doing chores. BBC Radio 3 has a
series called the Essay, which is  usually 5x 15 minute themed talks by
various writers. In May Polly Coles did a week on True Venetians. The last of
the week was entitled Woman's Work and  from the blurb.

Polly begins at the deconsecrated church of Sant'Anna - once a convent - in
search of the armies of anonymous female artisans who for centuries serviced
the Venetian textile industry.

Embroideries and Lace feature heavily.

It is still online. The link is


In sunny Cambridge

ps I know the BBC have imposed logins on the iplayer - my apologies if this
blocks you for listening to what was a nice little programme. It doesn't
appear to be on the podcast list (yet).

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