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It has been interesting to follow Susan Hottle's lead and search  for the 
book  "Lacemaking in Ripon. A History" by Avril W. M. Edmondson and  Mary Y. 
Moseley - a 100 page paperback, published by Ripon  Local Studies Research 
Centre in June 2010 per Amazon,  which gives a price of $160!  Another site 
says it is 91 pages.   And the Ripon Historical Society at   does not offer 
the lace book.  
Was this book reviewed at the time of  publication?  I did not find anything 
in the Arachne Archives when the  title of the book was searched.  Is 
anyone else in the world trying to  capture our lace history in a facility like 
A search for the two authors brought up an October 2005 note from Malvary  
about a book by Edna Sutton and Mary Moseley "Birds, Bees and Butterflies",  
which is not in my lace library inventory under their names.  I do have 3  
books by Sutton devoted to Bruges lace.  
This is an example of how we are losing track of people who may have had an 
 influence on the revival of lace techniques and researched history in  
out-of-the-way communities during the 21st century.  If the information  given 
above is correct, it is only 7 years since this little book was  published!  
Will knowledge of lace made in Ripon fade away?  Does  anyone outside of 
the U.K. have this book?
Jeri Ames in Maine USA
Lace and Embroidery Resource Center
In a message dated 8/4/2017 9:46:24 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Hello  All!  Now that Polish lace is out of the way & our display is on  
exhibit, it's time to work on Scotland for next month's installation. I just  
finished an adorable little Ripon lace edging that Jean Leader interpreted  
from an old encyclopedia.  It was published in Lace & I found it at  Cornell 
University library last year.  I will post a pic of the lace to  Arachne 
Flickr.  If anyone would like the pattern, I will scan it &  send as I can't 
find the issue/page info at the moment.  I didn't have  80/2 gassed cotton so 
used DMC broder machine 50.  The design is very  sweet & would look great 
as an edging on cotton lawn--light & airy for  summer. Sincerely, Susan 
Hottle USA      

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