Please thank Diana Smith!  She kindly sent a photo of her samples of "Old 
Ripon" lace.  I've managed to make an Arachne Flickr album for her so that 
everyone can enjoy Ripon lace.  What a good idea to add a ruler so we can 
comprehend the scale!  The lozenges are familiar to me but the sample on the 
left is different.  Take out the center diamond motif, & it reminds me a bit of 
one of Jane Atkinson's free online patterns.   There may be some duplicate 
photos & Diana's album was not alphabetized when I checked so if anyone wishes 
to correct my Flickr input, please do!  Apologies to all for unintentionally 
seceding Ripon from England to Scotland.  This has been the summer for learning 
world history & geography while making lace!  Sincerely, Susan Hottle USA

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