Hi All, My partner in 2000 or 2001 sent me a scan of a beautiful bookmark
and she mailed the real thing.  Sadly the real one never arrived and I
didn't feel she should have to make another so I only got the scan.

After 9/11 there was an anthrax-in-the-mail scare and I hoped they would
find it when they searched the US post offices but no such luck.

Considering how many pieces of lace have made it through the mail system
losing a few is not surprising.  I remember Sulochona in India telling me
to wrap anything in plain brown paper with no fancy stamps so not one
would be tempted to steal the package.  Everything I sent her got there!

Happy lacing!  Jane in Vermont, USA where it's lovely and green outside!

> Yes, I do mean the bookmark exchange.   I made and sent my exchange piece
Her piece to me had been here for some time
> and
> is
> very beautiful and this is the first time in any of the swaps I have taken
> part in where one had gone missing.    So the one on the website never
> made
> it
> and the new one is a colourful tulip.
> I hope everyone else received their exchanges after everyones hard work.
> Sue T
> Dorset UK


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