Totally yes, can always make another diagram.
...and arrows! Vive la difference! I prefer them for Binche, as it takes me
as long to fumble around with pins and a board as it does to do same at the
lace pillow. For me the arrows are faster! I make a copy on heavy card-type
computer paper of the diagram, prop it anywhere convenient, use different
colour arrows, one for each point I need to keep track of - how it is with
Binche, lots going on in all directions. Sometimes I jot a note on the
arrow. Just in case the arrow flies off when away from my lace place, I put
the arrows copy inside a sheet protector. Even if.... it doesn't take long
to find place on the diagram vs. work in progress.
Great to have choices and to be able to do whatever it takes to enjoy
making the lace!

On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 9:11 AM, Anita Hansen <>

> In my initial Binche class it was suggested to use the sticky arrows.
> Hated them! It is so much easier to pull a pin out of the foam and quickly
> move it than it is to get an arrow off of paper and repositioned.

Bev in Shirley BC, near Sooke on beautiful Vancouver Island, west coast of

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