I make a good amount of Binche, and I originally used a "voodoo board". Now I 
prefer circling the pinhole marks on the diagram with a small pencil circle, 
and sometimes I lightly draw a swirly circle or an asterisk at a special 
stitch, like the next stitch to-do when I'm putting it all away (instead of a 
sticky arrow), so when I take it out agai, I know where to start. 

This way if I have to un-lace because of a mistake, I just erase the light 
pencil marks, and there isn't anything permanent on the diagram like actual pin 
holes. When I used the pins and voodoo board, the pinholes would confuse me if 
the pins fell out of the board, etc. 

Maybe someone will find this helpful--

Beth Harpell on a gorgeous breezy and sunny day in New Jersey 

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