> Nancy wrote
> I agree with Antje. Thanks for posting the extended list of color codes,
> Greet. The Belgian color code is pure genius, and has been so informative
> for me while reading working diagrams of the Flemish laces. It's one of the
> best innovations in lace-making in the last century! (Can you tell? I like
> it. :-)
Personally for I always use the black and white code of torchon and tule. This 
code was developed by Henk Hardeman for the Dutch Lace  Education in a time 
that colored copies were very expensive. In this the simple torchon ground is 
simply drawn are diagonal lines with dots on the crossings. I like that because 
the diagonal lines show the path the pairs are going. In the color code the 
green lines are going around the dot and don’t follow the path of the pairs. 
But surely the simple is the code you are familiar with.

Happy lacing,
Gon Homburg from a at this moment sunny Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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