Thank you, Greet, for the extended colour code. Most of the lacemakers I know 
are familiar with the meanings for green, purple, red, and possibly yellow, but 
most do not know the other ones. Sometimes we have long discussions about it at 
my lace club.

West Vancouver, BC
(west coast of Canada)

> Green: half stitch
> Purple: linen stitch
> Red: double stitch
> Yellow: gimp
> Yellow in Cluny lace: Venetian plait
> yellow leaf, square or triangle: tally
> Orange: Dieppe stitch
> Brown: twisted half stitch or enclosed pin stitch
> Blue: plait
> Turquoise: turn-over stitch
> In tulle laces, the ground can be drawn in green, orange and brown. This
> depends on the kind of tulle lace.
> ( texte Veerle Meersschaut)

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