Thanks fort this exhaustive list. Never heard of turquoise, seems to me it
could be hard to tell apart from green and blue, colors may present
themselves differently on another screens or another printers. What is a
turnover stitch in terms of ctp (cross/twist/pin) anyway?

I started the discussion to apply logical colors in the web application I
have published and still under further development. Like the black-and-white
version there are other variations in other contexts.  Susan Roberts wrote
an article in lace and on her website about a multicolor and red/blue
system. So it would be wise to have a legend along with published patterns. 

Allowing, even encouraging, unorthodox stitches and both open and closed
stitches in GroundForge I usually have to decide on the colors based on the
core of the stitch. Twist marks are a headache on their own and I'm working
on more consistent colors. Both are the issues from a longer list I'm
currently working on. Don't hold your breath but also don't let it stop you
from playing and experimenting.


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