I just got my “Lace” magazine - does anybody know this frogging technique? Was 
it traditionally made using ribbon or a metal strip? The picture looks to me 
like a thin strip of gold-coloured metal, rather than ribbon, but I haven’t 
heard of the technique before and I don’t know for sure. 

Back when I was doing embroidery, I recall there was a place in London where 
they sold real gold threads and purls, etc, for use in uniforms. Does anybody 
know if that company is still running - or  better still, what its name is?

West Vancouver, BC
(west coast of Canada)

>> A photo that caught my eye accompanies the announcement of Gil Dyes Early
> Lace class at Hardwick Hall in June. The photo is of a frogging panel such as
> those found on ornate uniforms. It looks like metallic thread worked in bobbin
> lace over thin ribbon! I found that particularly interesting because I’ve
> been watching the Victoria series 2 on PBS. The use of lace in the costumes is
> just fantastic.
>> Jean

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