When I read your initial post, I immediately thought pottenkant, but then I
looked at the photo...

I hesitate to argue with Joepie about Dutch lace, but first, I think
pottenkant is actually a narrow category, a Dutch lace with a crudely
stylized pot and flower, and either 5-hole or kat-stitch ground. It was
primarily a middle class to peasant lace.

The design in your piece to me looks very much like it has French
influence, and IMO is much too flowing and ornate to be pottenkant. The
density and ornateness of the design and the shallowly scalloped edge is
like late 17th C Valenciennes, but the lack of any fillings, and especially
the presence of half-stitch as ground, argue against that identification.

Perhaps these observations will contribute to someone else's thoughts. I
obviously don't actually know what it is.

Connecticut, USA

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 1:03 PM, Devon Thein <> wrote:

> Thanks Joepie.
> I feel like Potten Kant is a larger category dealing with different laces
> featuring a flower pot design....

> It does not have any kat stitch or point de Paris
> type ground in it. Only linen and half stitch.

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