Wow, what a wonderful response so far and many days yet to join in the
fun.  I wish to thank those who have been responsive so far for your faith
in me doing the job.  I hope many more of you will join in the fun.  There
is nothing like the sense of accomplishment for making a cherished
masterpiece.  Bookmarks are treasures in life and bring smiles to all who
use and/or admire them and share the pleasure of a gift from afar with
those near.

As a reminder, this year the schedule will go like this:

February 14  Sign Ups begin thru March 13

March 15      Exchange partner assignments made and emailed out

June 1          All bookmarks should be in the mail, please

Same guidelines apply as the previous bookmark and card exchanges:  Send in
name, snail mail address, email address, how many bookmarks you wish to
make and any geographical preferences to me at *
<>*.  After making your bookmark(s) please take a
picture and email directly to me (  If you wonder if
your partner was able to send in a photo of her bookmark to you, just send
one upon receipt and I will make sure everyone is represented.

If you have any questions or preferences, please feel free to email me

This is just too much fun for one person to take by themselves.  Come take
a bit of it for yourself.  Happy lacemaking.

Hugs, Lin and the Mali


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