I switched to reflected Chat messages a number of years ago and I have received 
very few over that time.  The message from David was the first in ages and 
there was a few replies to him.  Did you check your Spam box?  I found a Lace 
Digest in mine a while ago.  These days we have many places on the Internet to 
find information. I am probably addicted to Pinterest for none lace searches, 
especially recipes. I also have a lace board where I put things of interest in 
the lace world.
<I see this is Lace Chat digest 2018 #3 – I have not received numbers 1 or 2.

I wonder what happened to them – still floating around in the ether, I

suppose!!  I have not had a chat digest for about a year, I think, so I did

not get David’s original message – but picked it up from #3 which has just


Janice Blair Murrieta, CA,

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