Hi Arachnids

Here is a comment I found interesting regarding lace. When I became involved
in teaching a pilot scheme for City & Guilds I tried to get on a BTECH course
for design but unfortunately it was on the same days as I was teaching.
However, when I discussed why I wanted to attend the course with the head of
department he said ‘I will have to give you plenty of work on textures.
Textures are your colour.’

Traditionally most lace has been monochrome and the designs a balance of
textures, light and shade. When you add colour you upset this balance because
colour immediately becomes dominant and overpowers the subtleties of the
textures. Hence when colours become the design the changes in texture usually
have to be reduced so that the design is not overloaded and many techniques
have to be modified to accommodate the requirements of moving the coloured
threads to where they need to go.

I am a monochrome traditionalist at heart but that does not stop me from
enjoying coloured lace nor from helping students who wish to explore using
colour and positively encouraging those who show a flair with colour. But I
object strongly to those who are dismissive of traditional monochrome lace and
wonder if they are jealous of those of us who are able to make it. We need to
keep the best of the traditional techniques going while embracing new

Blow the dust


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