This is a special invitation to New England lace lovers who are not members of
the New England Lace Group to be my guest at the Saturday, April 21st
meeting, 11 AM to 2 PM, in the Joshua Hyde Public Library, Sturbridge
For an early lunch, there are numerous eating options nearby.  Please RSVP me
(Jeri), so I can make guest arrangements with the appropriate officers of this
group and provide answers to any questions you may have.

Program announcement:  LEARNING FROM A COLLECTION.   Presented by NELG
member Jeri Ames.  For 7 decades, Jeri Ames has been hoarding laces,
equipment used for creating laces, and lace books.  She will bring a
selection of these and share their stories, hoping you will be inspired to
preserve similar items to enlighten future generations of lace aficionados.
More details for Arachne members:
Among the items to be shown are rare figural laces.  These are filet, bobbin
or needle laces that depict angels, putti, people, birds and animals, some of
which were copied from other forms of fine art.   There will also be unusual
bobbin lace pillows (antique Ipswich style, magnificent Cone-shaped roller,
miniatures), an antique European lace lamp, a thread spindle with squirrel
cage rollers (Raffel, pg. 33), collectible books,
Of these treasures, only two have been publicly shown in the past 25 years.  
1) A needle lace interpretation of Aurora by Guido Reni (1575-1642) at a
Bethesda Maryland IOLI class, taught by Liz Ligati of Australia.   2) A
handkerchief that was loaned to experts at a famous museum as an example of a
very convincing copy of an 18th C. bobbin lace, featuring baskets of flowers
and tree branches alternating with a huntsman and reindeer (Reigate, pg. 162).
Lace Conservation and Restoration comments will be an important part of the
Having never seen publicity for NELG programs on Arachne, I thought you all
should know about this.  Please allow enough time to fully enjoy the day.
 Suggest you bring a notebook to jot down information you wish to remember.
This is an opportunity to wear lace !
Jeri Ames in Maine USA
Lace and Embroidery Resource Center

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