I remember when I first discovered Arachne, exploring "lace" through an 
internet searcher as Yahoo, it was back in 2000.
I miss those years of my first steps in lacemaking and the excitement of 
contacting lacemakers of all over the world in a group that took the 
bobbin lace from a formal point of view. A group always willing to help 
and share their knowledge. Right now I come to mind lacemakers like Bev 
Walker, Miriam Gidron, Jeri Ames, Helen Ulrich, Lorelley Halley, Lorri 
Ferguson, Adele Shaak, Shirley Trigelles, Alice "in Oregon", Jean 
Leader, Pat Hallam, Tamara Duvall, Liz Reynolds, and so many others...
I think remember that was Liz who launched, and has been keepìng on all 
these years the server "Majordomo", correct me if I'm wrong.... Thank 
you for letting us stay in touch all this time, and Avital for 
moderating us.
It is true that other social media as Instagram, and especially 
Facebook,  has caused us to disperse,  especially for the advantage that 
represents to share visually laces and techniques by pictures and videos 
, however it is also true that many of us are still here.
A very especial thought for all the Arachneans who are no longer here.
Kind regards and a Happy Anniversary for all of us!

Carolina de la Guardia
Barcelona -Spain-

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