Hi, Devon and fellow listmembers

I just tuned into this thread.  I joined Arachne sometime during its first 
year.  I remember when someone downloaded the membership list from 'the major', 
and found we had reached a membership of 400!  Most impressive, at the time.  
For a number of years, a member made anniversary bobbins and shuttles.  
Eventually it became too much of a burden and someone arranged for a bobbin 
maker not on the list (different one each year) to do the job.

As the century close approached, we discussed doing a millenium lace exhibit.  
It never got going.  But Arachne '98 did.  That was a face-to-face convention 
that Pat Hallam and Margaret (I'm blanking on her last name) were willing to 
put together.  We met at the U of Nottingham, had classes (like IOLI 
convention), a few vendors (different ones each evening), a tour of lace 
activity in the city (a remember the machine-knitted lace factory very well), 
and nightly raffles.  Another thing we did was try to raise funds for Luton 
museum to refurbish their famous Lace Dealer's Pattern Book.  We held a raffle 
among ourselves.  As I remember, they didn't need our contribution by the time 
we'd put it all together and I don't remember what the money went to.  Maybe 
just a donation to the museum?  Someone else may chime in on this.

We discussed whether we should be called arachnids (I absolutely refuse to be 
thought of as a spider!!!!!!), or arachneans.  There was also a thread back 
then about how many of us were in science or math, although I don't remember 
gaming or coding coming up much.

Back then I was a constant contributor to the discussions.  But life has gotten 
too hectic lately--I admit I often delete many of the Arachne messages and I 
rarely talk on the list any more, but thought I should put my 2 cents in on 
this one.  I feel like an old fogey sitting in my rocking chair reminiscing 
about the "good old days" and chewing my gums.

Robin P.
Los Angeles, California, USA

Parvum leve mentes capiunt
(Little things amuse little minds)

---- DevonThein <devonth...@gmail.com> wrote: 
I was at an Arachne gathering at the Salt Lake City IOLI Convention and I
realized that many of the  younger members were computer gamers and some of
the older members seem to have been part of the Dungeons and Dragons crowd. 

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