Sorry Jeri, but I'm with Shirley on this one. I too am grateful for your
wonderful posts and all your work in providing info to the lace and the
broader textile community. The problems here, however, are almost certainly
with using an AOL email account. AOL is a dinosaur-era system that doesn't
have guards against users sending mass junk mailings and scams. As a result
many more advanced email systems screen out mailings from AOL, Hotmail, and
increasingly Yahoo. A mailing to Arachne is interpreted by many servers as
a mass mailing,  which it actually is, and gmail (among the most advanced
email services) screens all AOL messages. I get very little spam, much less
than 1% of my messages, as a result.

I'm afraid the best solution by far would be for you to move to a newer,
better email system. I recommend gmail (having used Outlook extensively),
but almost anything would be better than AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo. Were
Arachne to move to an even newer service, the problems are likely to be

BTW, delays in posting messages, especially long ones, are just as likely
to be caused by a delay on the internet itself in a packet that is part of
the message, since the message won't be delivered until all packets have
been received. That delay could be occurring at any one of millions of
servers, most of which are probably newer than the AOL ISP's servers.

I vote that Arachne stay with the current system.

Connecticut,  USA

On Apr 14, 2018 03:59, "Tregellas Family" <> wrote:

...why would we want to move our wonderful list somewhere else?...

On 14-Apr-18 10:06 AM, Jeri Ames wrote:
...Perhaps we should consider how we can update dinosaur-era computer

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