I have been enjoying the lovely weather here in the southwest USA and
sitting outside for several hours each day to lace.  we now have a
tremendous amount of flies caused by the lovely weather.  they are a
nuisance.  we never freeze to kill off insects during the winter as we are
in true desert.  i have a recipe for a spray that i can spray in the air
and it keeps bugs away.  i have to make up a batch for this year.  you get
a big bottle of cheap blue mouthwash and mix in 3 cups of Epsom salts with
three cans (12 oz.) stale beer.  mix until salt dissolves.  put into a
spray bottle and extra back in the mouthwash bottle - label it so you don't
accidentally use it in your mouth.  spray area where you sit or play
(patio, pool, etc.).  it lasts up to 80 days.  does not harm plants or
flowers but causes the mosquitoes and bugs to leave the area and not come
back.  usually spraying it twice in the summer does it.  i have to get this
mixed up and sprayed now.  i will do the air which will also float down to
the recliner and love seat outside on the deck, floor and tables, etc.
which should keep that entire area free.  i will do around my screen door
and door too so i don't get them inside either.  thought i would share this
for those who have lovely weather and enjoy being outside to do anything -
including lacing.  it is a nuisance to have to shooo them away when holding
those bobbins or tatting shuttles.  enjoy.

Hugs, Lin and the Mali

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