Jane Partridge wrote:

Is it time to start considering whether we are going to do/have something
special for our 25th anniversary in two years time? (We could set up
another yahoo group and then ignore it, in good Arachne tradition - vvbg).

​ do not remember the Yahoo group involvement but I would be willing to
host something like a raffle for the 25th Arachne Inception Anniversary.
If someone wanted to donate a lace item (piece of lace, tool, supply,
etc.), I would gather names of participants.  It could work something like
an exchange.  A person would sign up to donate an item and then go on a
list and their name in a hat.  Then, after all have expressed their
interest in joining in by a designated date, I would ask a local friend to
draw out names and match to another participant.  You would then mail off
your item and they would mail off their item to whomever the pairing result
indicated.  You may not "exchange" as you probably would end up with
someone else's name for you to mail off to than the pairing person sending
to you.  Of course, there is time for further consideration, but I will put
this into my calendar to approach a thought about it again in
October/November 2019.  The mailing off would occur by mid March so it
would be received by 4/12/2020.

This can be a silent sharing or I will post photographs on Flickr (via Sue
Babbs' generosity - thank you) if we want others to see what we gifted or
received.  It is nice to see what transpired.  It will be up to the
participant to share what the item would be.  Just some idle thoughts here
and suggestions welcome.  This also could be in addition to anything else
Hugs, Lin and the Mali

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