We are all very grateful to Susanne Thompson for giving us permission to
include her two books on Honiton lacemaking on the “Arizona” web site.  As
you know, the majority of the material on the site started so long ago by
Ralph Griswold, contains mostly out of copyright material, published before
1923.  We do have a few books donated by contemporary authors and are very
grateful for their donations.  Perhaps others might also like to join Rosemary
in allowing us to post more.

For those who have not yet explored this site, maintained by the University of
Arizona and managed by John Cropper [john.p.crop...@gmail.com], the most
direct way to the lace section is by entering
Click on Books at the top then scroll down to Thompson, Susanne, and you will
find an Introduction to Honiton Lace and Further Steps in Honiton Lace, both
beautifully composed and illustrated books suitable for anyone interested in
learning about Honiton.  You will see that the books have been separated into
sections to make the downloading a bit easier.  They are all PDFs and free to
any and all to use and enjoy.

It is not always easy to find readily available copies of books to scan, but I
have been very fortunate to live fairly near Jeri Ames, and she has most
generously made her very large library available to me, so I was able to
borrow and scan these two books for the site. If other new books are donated
to us for posting, I am sure that Jeri will continue to share her books with
me, thus avoiding the past difficulties I had in finding the old pre-1923

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at
tess1...@aol.com.  It will be a pleasure to hear from you.

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