Just got home from the exhibit at the Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton, New 
Jersey, Lace, Not Lace.  see, hunterdonartmuseum.org  .  If there is any way 
you can see it, do yourself a favor and go.  For about the next two weeks the 
Urchins, huge outdoor sculptures made of crocheted lace will be there.  The 
rest of the exhibit is there until January.  It is amazing.  These are pieces 
of art that use lacemaking techniques, specifically bobbin and needle lace.  It 
is not a lace show, it is an art show, and it will knock your socks off.  It 
can be appreciated by anyone, but I think it is especially important for 
lacemakers to see what can be done with our crafts to turn them into art forms. 
 Except for the Urchins, the exhibit takes up the entire second floor of an old 
mill, so it is rather large.  The exhibits are very well represented by the 
Czech influence, either in the artists themselves, or in training.  Makes me 
interested in taking a course in Czech lacemaking.  If you scr!
 utinize each piece closely and leisurely, without crowds, you can probably see 
the whole thing within two hours.  Off the top of my head, I think the most 
remarkable piece is the carriage, pretty much life sized, made out of copper 
wire, but there are a number of other exhibits that could compete for that 
label.  Each piece is a major statement in its own right.  
The exhibit was curated by our own Devon Thein, who has used her talents to 
make this amazing exhibit what it is. I have known Devon for years, and knew 
she was a remarkable woman, but this is yet another area where she is 
Clinton is a delightful town just off I-78.  The museum is very near the main 
street, with lots of other shops and several restaurants, as well as nearby 
hotels.  Me, I took my small RV and dry-camped the night before and the night 
after.  Because it is so near I-78 it is easy to get there by car.  I doubt 
there is any train service, but I believe there is bus service.  

Lyn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a mere 104 miles from Clinton, on a cloudy, 
cool September day

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