Dear Jeri
I have not responded to your first email because I'm still sitting in the afterglow of one of the best lace experiences of my life! it is so difficult to put into words everything about the Brugge lace festival.

I think I will take the time and write it all out from my perspective but it may be quite long.

I did a class and it was only yesterday I got back to my pillow to work on my sampler and thought why did I find it so hard initially, it all started to go beautifully. Again I must report back on the workshop

It was my first trip to Belgium and I was pleasantly surprized at how nice everyone was from the airline I flew through entry to the country to arriving in my hotel. All was perfect. For those who have never traveled I can expand on why it was so perfect.

I think I shall perhaps send three emails, one on the lace exhibits and conference, one on the workshop and one on travel in Belgium.

Anna from Sydney where the sun it out today before the much needed rains return tomorrow.

This was definitely the most educational of all European Congresses I have
attended in the past 20 years.....need to leave something for others to write

Jeri Ames in Maine USALace and Embroidery Resource Center

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