Hi All,

I have been doing this bobbin things for many years and until I saw a small collection of the wooden bobbins with just two or perhaps three beads on the spangles in Gertrude Whitings collection,  they went "over my head".

They look lovely, they are well turned ( Probably Joseph Haskins) and in my various conversations with those who know better than me (Quite a few people actually!!)  I am inspired to follow them up. They appear to be made and used during the  transition of  from unspangled to spangled.  At the moment I only have the dozen or so from GWs collection so I am asking of any of you collectors my have examples of these in your collections that you would be willing to share (digitally) with me please?

Thanks again

Brian. (Who lives in Awabakal Country)
Cooranbong. Australia

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