I don't know if this message didn't arrive in your Arachne inbox.  For
some reason I didn't see it, until it was forwarded to me by another
lacemaker.   I see from the archives that there are only two responses
to it - and it deserves to be seen. So I am copying it in again in case
other people also missed it.  There is a lot of information on the
website, and I would really recommend visiting it.  Thank you for all
your hard work, Antje.

Hello dear Arachne colleagues!

Finally I can share with you the work that we have been doing during a
three year long European project. I have been so busy, that I can't
remember if I ever told you about it! Sorry if I didn't!
As a resume: 6 European countries have participated in this very demanding
project: Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Czech Republic and Spain. I
belong to the Spanish staff team. Each country needed to create a group of
5 teachers and 35 learners to be able to teach them in their own country
the type of lace they decided to choose. Each country also had to learn and
to teach their learners the laces from the other 5 countries. Each country
had to prepare a teaching workbook, which is now available for anybody who
is interested.

Do not hesitate in having a look at the material the 6 countries have
prepared  (you can find it in our webpage: https://bobbinlacee.eu/ under
"Learning material". It is also downloadable, if you are interested) and
read the resumes of every transnational meeting.

The project also included travelling to the partner countries to learn
their methods, but unfortunately, we could only enjoy of half of the
programmed trips. The rest had to be taught online to a very numerous group
(around 60 people)., which was a great challenge, as there was no previous
experience in this type of teaching. Language barriers were also enormous,
as most lacemakers of the participating countries did not speak English,
which was our common communicating language.

In the end, I have experienced two things: 1. that working in groups is
difficult, as everybody has their own way of thinking, sometimes very
opposed. 2. that working in groups gives us a wealth of knowledge not just
about bobbin lace  and its techniques, but also from the human point of

So, please enjoy surfing our webpage, which will only be available until
the end of the summer 2022.

Greetings from Antje González, in Spain


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