Hi Devon, and anyone else who is interested,
I had cataract surgery in both eyes nearly 2 years ago. I was very short
sighted... I think about 6.5 and astigmatic. Wearing varifocals to
counteract the long sight which comes with age.German health insurance
offered me implants to correct the short or long vision. I think I would
have had to pay extra to have the special varifocal lenses .
I decided to go for the option which corrected my short sight. Waking up
and being able to see the other side of the room was like a dream come
true. As I am a teacher, it was suggested that I might choose to go for the
option of correcting my short sight to a slightly lower degree which would
enable me to read without glasses but give me slightly less good distance
vision,  thus obviating the need to take glasses on and off all the time.
It didn't appeal!
I didn't pursue the varifocals option after my eyes doctor, whose judgement
I trust,
told me how some of her patients had reported 100% satisfaction but about
half reported haloing . Some had to have the lenses replaced. One doctor
apparently places 2 different lenses in the eye so that one can be removed
If the patient in doesn't get in with them. Basically it seems that the
varifocal option could be extremely good in the future but is still a bit
too variable in its success rate for my liking.
End result..... I,'m more than happy. I have very good distance vision
though should wear glasses for driving. My vision for lacemaking and
reading is adequate in bright sunshine but needs glasses otherwise. The one
Euro version of reading glasses is fine for reading but not quite good
enough for  lacemaking. For that I need prescription glasses which correct
my astigmatism, or else I miss the pinholes.
I can still make Honiton!
It does take time to adapt If you have spent a lifetime being shortsighted
as I have. I still miss being able to hold a needle 2 inches from my eyes
and thread it, but I'm sure it's safer not  to!

Think I've covered everything but please ask if not!
Best wishes,

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