Obviously Daphnie is upset about her patterns allegedly being plagiarised, but
if she read the post she is replying to she would see her outburst, although
raising a valid point (preferably without the abusive language!) is totally
inappropriate *as a response* as Cathy fully intended to credit Kathleen for
the design.

It is nice to know that your designs are being used, (it's why we share them)
and what other lacemakers have done to personalise the original. This was
especially so for me when the Sunnyvale Museum's book containing my Giles
bookmark arrived during my 12 day stay in hospital in 2016. I love to see
photos of lace made from my designs - I'm sure other designers feel the same.

With geometric lace (eg Torchon and Bucks) it is quite possible that something
we design is identical to something that has been done in the past, you only
have to look at the old dealers' pattern books to learn that.

It is also quite possible for two people to come up with the same idea, for
example, angels and bells have a fairly typical shape - I've recently seen
some nativity patterns that are more or less identical to those Jean Eke
designed (and published) over ten years ago.

(It was thanks to Jean's eagle eyes I was credited for one of my designs used
as the basis of a chapter in a book on Bucks Point lace!)

Jane Partridge

Daphnie Martin wrote :

Nobody has the damn right to just take other peoples patterns and pretend they
are their designs.....

Where is the care for our designers rights.

Cathy Morris said :

Dear Clare and Jane,
Thank you so much!  That is just what I was looking for. I certainly would
like to use Kathleen’s prickings and attribute them to her if she is willing
to share them.

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