Usually when a post, especially the original post, is missing, it is
because the orinal poster is a digest subscriber and sent a reply to "" instead of "". The Mail Archive
site is a free service that we use and it only stores messages sent to "".

So if someone posts a message to "", it is not
stored in the archives but all the subscribers see it because the
lace-digest address is set up as an alias for the lace list. When people
reply. they tend to use the correct address, "", and those
messages are archived.

Hope that clarifies things.


On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 1:04 AM The Lace Bee <>

> Hi All Gentle Spiders
> Help please.  I managed to miss the start of a thread on lace and when I
> went into the archives the middle posts were there but the original post
> was missing then later this evening other posts that were in the archive
> earlier had also gone.
> Any suggestions?
> Kind Regards
> Liz Baker
> My chronicle of my bobbins can be found at my website:
>  <>

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