The sweater from Rauma, Finland, with a free pattern, has been a popular
project among lace makers, myself included.  I saw a picture of the lace from
the sweater, and made inquiries.  Turns out you can order it from the Finnish
lace guild at      ( the website, which has
some English.

Sometimes it takes a few days for a response.  In order to buy their patterns
for the lace, which is a copy of the pricking with a photocopy of the lace,
number of pairs and usually the size of the linen thread, you have to send
them a bank transfer, and, of course, provide them with your address.  They do
not have Paypal.  The big pattern with the half stitch and leaves is called
Mandeljepyri.  There are 6 variations, some curved, as in the sweater, some
straight.  There is also a pricking, copied from a book, with a pricking,
pictures and a colored diagram, called Uusi kultaseppa.  That is the lace
toward the neck of the sweater I ordered all the prickings, which came to
15.60 euros, with shipping costs at 4.60 euros, with .20 euros of that for the
envelope.  It was shipped economy, so it took a while.  The patterns are
pretty basic Torchon, except for the leaves which some do not like to do, but
the prickings are easy to decipher from the photocopy of the finished lace.

I have the sweater, now I'm going to make a lace edging for a petticoat which
will show under a skirt.  How cool is a sweater with matching lace?

Lyn from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, where the weather is once again
glorious after 5 days of rain from the hurricane.  High today will by 75F 21C.
Full sun.

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