Hi Devon & all,
I’m not sure if this will make it to the list because I’m one of those
hangers-on still using AOL, but on a somewhat off-topic point, I was taken by
Devon’s comments about how fine some lace threads were. While visiting the
V&A some years ago, the same thoughts occurred to me. As a spinner as well as
a lacemaker, it also struck me that as fine as the threads were, they were
also most likely at least two-ply, thus making the observation even more
amazing. As far as I can find, the first machine spinning originated with the
invention of the Spinning Jenny in around 1765, but some information suggests
that the thread produced from these machines was coarse and not strong. In any
case, earlier laces would then most likely have used handspun thread?  What do
others think?

Vicki in Maryland

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