This is the content of their email, for anyone who wants to know more:

Dear Lace Maker,

Kathy and I are pleased to announce the general release of our newest
lace making program with Sylvia Fellows, “Basic Techniques in
Chrysanthemum Lace”. The program had an exclusive release at the IOLI
Convention in Arizona in July. Thanks to those of you who purchased it

“Basic Techniques in Chrysanthemum Lace ” is packed with techniques and
provides 3 1/2 hours of instruction. Also included are instruction
sheets with prickings. The program cost is $52.00 and is available on
both DVD and USB thumb drive (memory stick). Please specify when
ordering. Also available is Sylvia’s companion book on Chrysanthemum
Lace entitled“Chrysanthemum Whimsies”. The book and video set is
available for $75.00. This is $9 off the individual price of the book
and video.

“Basic Techniques in Chrysanthemum Lace” is a very accessible lace for
intermediate lacers who have learned the basics of making bobbin lace.
This video shows the techniques for the basic parts of the Chrysanthemum
“petals”. Techniques shown are Cloth Stitch, Pin Pivot, and Split or Cut
Spider Ground. The program begins with a basic petal and continues
applying the techniques with two other patterns, a flower design and a
hanging pendant, plus a bonus pattern.

. . . and if you don’t have a copy, don’t forget about Kathy’s book
entitled“For the Love of Lace”, a 28 page pattern book containing 14
bobbin lace patterns, both original designs and patterns that have been
adapted from existing pieces of lace. The cost is $25.00.

  To Order . . .

Simply phone us at 818-314-2849 or send an email telling us what you
would like to:

Payment methods include PayPal using the email address  and we also accept checks. If sending a
check, please make payable to John Hensel, and send to 146 Chapala
Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. Sorry, but at this time we can't accept
credit card orders over the phone, however you can use a credit card on
Paypal, even if you don’t have a Paypal account.

We hope to receive your order soon! This or any of our programs would
make a great birthday or Christmas gift, so forward this email to your
husband or a family member! Look for our next offering in the fourth
quarter of 2023, “Beginning Buckspoint Lace” with Jean Leader.

Please visit our website  to see the wide
range of lace making programs available from Hensel Productions.

Happy Lace Making & Stay Safe!

 Kathy & John Hensel

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They have not added this to their website. I did find these videos available
at The Lace Museum.


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Subject: [lace] Chrysanthemum Lace Video from the Hensels

John and Kathy Hensel have just announced a new video in collaboration with
Sylvia Fellows. "Basic Techniques in Chrysanthemum Lace" has 3 � hrs.
instruction and also instructions sheets with prickings. Sylvia's companion
book entitled "Chrysanthemum Whimsies" is also available. See their website

Jo Ann Eurell
Land O Lakes, FL

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